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Patient Reviews



Brow lift


Thank you for making me feel the way I do now, I think you're incredible!

- MB


Breast augmentation


Thank you very much indeed for your advice, expertise and openmindedness when helping me achieve my dream.

I am very grateful to those who recommended you as my surgeon. You are truly the very best!

Leeds, Harrogate, York, Manchester,Liverpool, Newcastle, Durham, Chester- GA




Skin lesion surgery


From start to finish Mr Adamthwaite was professional and friendly answering all the questions I had for him. He was very knowledgeable on the procedure.


The actual operation was very good with great results and very little pain afterward

- PA





I simply couldn't be happier with the entire experience.


I have wanted to have a rhinoplasty for a number of years due to what I perceived as an unsightly hump on the bridge of my nose.


The surgery was a huge success from start to finish.

My whole face has altered and my confidence has soared.


I can't thank Mr Adamthwaite enough and I highly recommend him for this procedure. If you want the best, Jonathan Adamthwaite is an extensively qualified and very talented cosmetic surgeon.

best rhinoplasty surgeon Leeds, Manchester, Chester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Durham, York, Harrogate MT



Breast reduction and lift


I have felt comfortable and relaxed during the whole process which I think has a lot to do with faith in my surgeon and the care and attention to detail he took.


To feel that your surgeon is conscientious and sees you as an individual, taking time to ensure they get the perfect result for you, is priceless.

Best breast reduction surgeon Leeds, Harrogate, York, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Durham

-  KS






At my first consultation I was very anxious and apprehensive, Mr Adamthwaite immediately made me feel at ease and has helped me through my experience every step of the way. He is caring, understanding, friendly and very professional. I am three months post op. and the result of my surgery is amazing, I feel fantastic, I have so much more confidence it's unbelievable. I really can't thank Mr Adamthwaite and his team enough.                                                                  - BR


Breast augmentation


I was lucky enough to see Dr Adamthwaite, a genuinely lovely, reassuring and professional man whose amazing work has not only given me gorgeous new breasts but he has given me my confidence back.


I am so grateful that he was my surgeon, he was with me every step of the way and the aftercare with him I just can't fault. I would highly recommend Dr Adamthwaite to anyone considering surgery, even if you have to wait for an appointment, he's absolutely brilliant and you will not be disappointed.

- JH




Breast augmentation


Jonathan performed my breast augmentation in May this year and I cannot recommended him enough.


As soon as I met with Jonathan I liked him and he answered all my questions professionally and honestly. From the first appointment right through to my last he was fantastic and made me feel well cared for and totally at ease. He really listened to what I wanted to achieve from my operation and the result is perfect.


I would not hesitate in recommending Jonathan.





Mr Adamthwaite went above and beyond to accommodate my surgery in a very fixed time-frame.


The results are better than I could have ever imagined.


I can't thank Mr Adamthwaite enough for his time, care and expertise, he is a very talented and genuinely nice man who I couldn't recommend more highly. This was the best decision I ever made.

- CW


Skin lesion surgery


Mr Adamthwaite was very thorough in explaining all the steps and he was an excellent listener.


The operation itself was a success story and I felt very happy with my decision.


His aftercare, counselling and support was of a very high standard throughout my journey. I am extremely happy with the outcome.

best skin lesion surgeon leeds, manchester, liverpool, manchester, durham, newcastle, harrogate, york

- MV



Tummy tuck/Abdominoplasty and liposuction


I am absolutely delighted. In addition I recovered quickly and was in little to no discomfort after a week to ten days. My medication was spot on and I had no complications at all. My stitches are incredibly tidy, my scar negligible. I have a flat, lean tummy that feels firm and a tummy button that is better than the original one!

In my view having been a patient of Mr Adamthwaite I not only consider him a highly gifted surgeon, but a kind, caring and reassuring one too. My aftercare was exceptional, he was always available to speak to. Not once did I feel rushed.


I feel fortunate to have had him as my surgeon.

best tummy tuck and abdominoplasty surgeon leeds, manchester, harrogate, york, newcastle, durham, liverpool

- LH



Breast reduction and lift

I am so pleased with the result of my operation, I hope this review may help others who have been contemplating a breast reduction.

I am now the proud owner of a beautifully, symmetrical pair of breasts, which stay firmly in position when I remove my bra.

No real pain involved. The scarring now is pink and has healed nicely.

I feel different - I know I look different. So many people have commented that I have lost weight, I haven’t! My clothes fit without bulging at my chest.


I would recommend Mr Adamthwaite 100%. He’s a surgical genius.

The care and attention I have received before, during and after has been outstanding.

- MG


Breast augmentation and mini tummy tuck/abdominoplasty       

An excellent surgeon who has transformed my shape

Mr Adamthwaite is a very attentive and understanding surgeon. During my initial consultation he was honest and professional with his advice. The procedure he recommended exactly suited my own aspirations. He was very thorough in his explanations of all possible alternatives. 

On the day of surgery for breast augmentation I was attended by Mr Adamthwaite. He was very reassuring and supportive. The nursing staff were extremely kind and made the preparation and post-operative care both personal and comforting. During the recovery from the anaesthetic Mr Adamthwaite made a careful examination of the scars and supplied further post-operative advice to aid my recovery. 

Mr Adamthwaite continued his personal attention in the weeks after the operation and was available for advice through his staff and also supplied his own mobile number.

I am now fully recovered and have returned to all my normal activities. I am thoroughly delighted with my new shape. I would highly recommend Mr Adamthwaite to anyone seeking cosmetic surgery. I am really grateful to Mr Adamthwaite for his ability to translate my requirements into such a perfect result.                                  

                                                                                                - IR               



Labiaplasty (labial reduction)

My experience was excellent

I was very nervous about my labiaplasty surgery in which Mr Adamthwaite made me feel reassured and at ease . His professionalism made me feel confident I had chosen the correct surgeon for this procedure . The result also was excellent and would recommend him as a surgeon to family and friends .

best labiaplasty and labial reduction surgeon leeds, manchester, liverpool, york, harrogate, newcastle, durham

- SC






When I met Mr Adamthwaite he put me at ease straight away. He led me through the procedure and thoroughly explained what would happen. I'm very pleased with the outcome and feel like a new person; I've got my confidence back! The aftercare has been very thorough and comprehensive, meaning I have had a stress-free recovery. I would certainly go to him again and would not hesitate to recommend Mr Adamthwaite to anyone. I have 100%  made the best decision possible going with Mr Adamthwaite.   best facelift and mini-facelift surgeon leeds, manchester, liverpool, durham, newcastle, chester, york, harrogate                                                                           - SW


Tummy tuck/Abdominoplasty and liposuction


Wonderful experience and fabulous life enhancing results

Jonathan Adamthwaite puts you at ease with his quiet confident and truly professional approach from the instant you meet him. I was nervous about my first consultation - I didn't need to be Jonathan and his team are fabulous. Thank you all so much.

I am so glad that you were recommended to me your skill as a plastic surgeon has changed my life.

                                              - LA


Breast Reduction and lift

21 Years Old, Breasts out of Proportion to my Body and a Complete Lack of Confidence

I am so happy I chose Mr Adamthwaite to perform my surgery and would recommend him to anyone! Both me and my mum were very nervous before the surgery (particularly my mum), however, Mr Adamthwaite completely reassured us both and actually made me feel very relaxed and confident going into the procedure.


I knew exactly what to expect after my surgery and knew exactly what Mr Adamthwaite was going to be doing, which again put my mind at rest as I never had any unanswered questions. After the surgery both him and the staff were incredibly attentive and on hand to help/answer any of my questions or worries at any given time, day or night.


I would like to thank Mr Adamthwaite for completely changing my life and making me happy again!

- LM


Breast augmentation

Amazing experience

From the very first meeting with Mr Adamthwaite I felt confident that I was in safe hands. Every question and concern was answered thoroughly. Mr Adamthwaite went above and beyond to accommodate my surgery in a very fixed timeframe. The results are better than I could have ever imagined. I can't thank Mr Adamthwaite enough for his time, care and expertise, he is a a very talented and genuinely nice man who I couldn't recommend more highly.

- CJ




Tummy tuck and breast augmentation

Amazing plastic surgeon

After doing my research on different plastic surgeons to perform my abdominoplasty and breast implants, I found Mr Adamthwaite. As soon as I met him, his professionalism was outstanding, his knowledge and caring manner shone through. I didn't feel rushed or feel silly for asking the many questions i had, they were answered with excellent knowledge and all of my worries were put to rest. I knew straight away I would be choosing him for my surgery.


Throughout the whole process he has been there for me and i was able to contact him at any time i needed. I was extremely nervous about having surgery as I had never been under anaesthetic before, but i really shouldn't have worried, he is very thorough with his markings before surgery and keeps you well informed about what is to be expected, what it is your wanting achieve and he really listens to you. After my surgery he visited me a few times to see how I was, to let me know how everything went in theater and again if i had any questions to ask him. His bedside manner is the best I have ever received from any health professional and couldn't be faulted.


I had my surgery 7 weeks ago, and I was up and about straight away, and the results I have are absolutely fantastic and far exceeded my expectations, what Mr Adamthwaite has done has not only improved the way i look but that way i feel and has improved my life. My abdominal scaring is amazing, thin and so low down that I am able to wear clothes without seeing the scar. The scaring is so small under my breasts also, that they will never be seen. I would highly recommend Mr Adamthwaite and if anyone is looking for an excellent plastic surgeon who is amazing at what they do, I would always recommend him, if I could give him more stars I would, and I would not hesitate to have more procedures with him.


                                                                                                                - SC




Skin lesion


The very best, an outstanding doctor


Mr Adamthwaite is an excellent surgeon who takes the time and trouble to listen and discuss your problem. He has a very calm and reassuring approach, coupled with great knowledge and superb technical skills. He removed a BCC on the side of my face, in front of the ear. His work was so fine and delicate that there is no evidence of surgery having taken place. I am so pleased with what he has done, and you could do no better than to place yourself under his exemplary care. A fine surgeon, who genuinely cares for his patients.                                                                                                                                - JS

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

Mr Adamthwaite is amazing.


He is such a calm, polite and beautifully mannered surgeon. Can't recommend him enough. Pre surgery and after surgical care provided from him and the hospital were 5 stars. Made me feel so at ease. I will be back!


Corrective breast augmentation with exchange of implants


My experience under Dr J Adamthwaite, has been faultless.

I'm a 35 year old married mother of two, I stand 5 foot 6 and weigh 9 stone 6. Unfortunately in my teenage years I never developed any quantity of breast tissue and at the age of 18 I had silicone implants put in to give some more volume. These remained for 17 years, but after this time and feeding two children I had developed rippling and a hollowing of the chest which made me seek help before any more deformation took place.

Dr Adamthwaite agreed to replace them as there were signs of deterioration in my original implants and he suggested a teardrop silicone implant would probably give the best results, he placed them under the muscle as I don't carry a much upper body fat.

Surgery all went to plan and Post surgery I felt remarkably well and had no complications. He was a there to talk to me when I woke up and came to see me again when I was discharged. I felt comfortable in the knowledge that he is so highly qualified and skilled in his field and the quality of follow up care I have received has proved his professionalism.

From my first consultation to my last, Dr Adamthwaite made me feel at ease with his professional yet friendly and gentle manner, and I could not have wished for better results, I’m very pleased as I could never have imagined they would look so perfect, in fact, he has managed to give me what I had envisioned.

The whole experience really couldn't have been any better. I would highly recommend Dr J Adamthwaite to anyone/everyone requiring any such help.




'My final result is nothing less than fantastic'

Breast Implants and Abdominoplasty Post Children

I chose Mr Adamthwaite following extensive research as he specialises in these areas whilst also demonstrating an outstanding background, track record and excellent reviews. I was also keen to find a surgeon who worked within the NHS. My first meeting with Mr Adamthwaite was extremely comprehensive. Exceedingly personable and kind, he took a great deal of time describing both procedures, and outlining any potential risks, evidencing exceptional clinical knowledge and expertise. Despite attending the consultation with many questions, I left having had them all answered. However, Mr Adamthwaite made it very clear I could contact him to ask any further questions outside of physical consultations and communication was excellent. My expectations were managed, including making me aware that having these surgeries in tandem would mean quite a significant recovery process; this enabled me to put appropriate provision in place (given the fact I have two very young children to look after.)


One of my principle concerns was that the end result be very natural; I did not want my new breasts to be the first thing people notice on meeting me. Given this, I was keenly aware that I had to articulate what result I was seeking and find a surgeon who I felt I would make the right judgement call. My meetings with Mr Adamthwaite gave me 100% confidence that I could trust him in this, and all other, regards. On the day of my surgery I met with Mr Adamthwaite beforehand. Despite being about to undergo a lengthy surgery tremendously kind manner and evident meticulous attention to detail really put me at ease. Everything went exactly to plan and Mr Adamthwaite spoke with me following my surgery being exceedingly diligent as ever with his feedback and explanations. However, he was also incredibly supportive, and even sympathetic, which was really appreciated.


Follow up following my procedures was excellent. I met with Mr Adamthwaite a week after when I went for initial dressing to be changed then with nurses at the hospital for two subsequent weeks. Mr Adamthwaite was also very available if I had any concerns during my recovery and telephoned me to assist with these, whilst also being genuinely supportive once again, which was really appreciated at that time. I was blown away by the neatness and precision of my initial wounds - the sutures were incredibly small. As a result, the scars, though pink, were smooth to the touch within a matter of weeks, which I found incredible. My final result is nothing less than fantastic. Though I had no doubt, Mr Adamthwaite had clearly completely taken on board my concerns about size and made exactly the right decision. My abdomen is now extremely flat with the major scar being very low and smooth. The vertical scar is still diminishing but improving all the time. The combined effect has restored a great deal of my self confidence: I really do feel the benefits of my decision every single day and am delighted. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been a patient of Mr Adamthwaite's and am truly grateful to him. Given this, I have no absolutely hesitation in recommending him in the strongest possible terms.

  best mommy makeover surgeon leeds, york, harrogate, chester, manchester, liverpool, newcastle, durham, UK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -MM         

I recently underwent a breast mastopexy and augmentation procedure with Dr. Adamthwaite, and I cannot express enough how thrilled I am with the results. After wanting the procedure for over six years and having two children that added to the need, I finally decided to go through with it after doing my research and finding Dr. Adamthwaite. And I am so glad that I did.

Dr. Adamthwaite is truly an expert in his field, with an incredible amount of knowledge and experience. He took the time to listen to my concerns and what I hoped to achieve with the procedure, and he worked with me to ensure that I was completely comfortable and happy every step of the way. His attention to detail was remarkable!

The results of my procedure are nothing short of incredible. Dr. Adamthwaite achieved perfect sizing and symmetry, and the minimal scarring is a testament to his skill and precision. I could not be happier with the way that my breasts look and feel, and I am so grateful to Dr. Adamthwaite for giving me the results I didn't think we're possible with a  mastopexy. 

The hospital care and facility were also fantastic. The staff were professional and attentive, and they made sure that I was comfortable and had everything that I needed during my stay. The aftercare was also top-notch, with Dr. Adamthwaite checking in with me regularly to ensure that I was healing properly.

Overall, I would highly recommend Dr. Adamthwaite to anyone considering a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. He is a true professional and a master of his craft, and I am so grateful to have had him as my surgeon. 
Thank you, Dr. Adamthwaite, for giving me the results I have always wanted. 



Breast Reduction Surgery.

My large breast size was disproportionate to the rest of my body.  The anguish and discomfort they were causing me was affecting my quality of life and all that that implies, from finding clothes that fit or in my case could hide them, sabotaging my weight loss attempts and even inhibiting my socialising.  The sheer weight of them gave me back strain and shoulder grooves due to Bra straps digging in.  I hated seeing my reflection.  My self-esteem was on the floor by the time I made my appointment to see Jonathan Adamthwaite.

Choosing Jonathan to be my surgeon was the best decision I have ever made, and I would recommend him whole heartedly to anyone thinking of having any surgical procedure.

He absolutely lives up to his resume’ of experience and qualification.   He is highly intelligent, enormously talented and extra ordinarily in tune with how us women perceive our bodies and the need we have to be happy in our own skin.   Jonathan’s grasp of what women want is astounding.

I found him courteous, kind and compassionate, easy to talk too and always explained everything in easy to understand terms.  His manner was positive and reassuring which for me took the fear factor out of the prospect of undergoing surgery.   Jonathan addressed all my concerns perfectly and never rushed my decision making.  He answered all my questions honestly and fully, at the same time keeping my expectations realistic, as I wanted my breasts to be at least half the size of what I presented at that time.

I saw Jonathan the day of my surgery and he was so reassuring.  Given our previous discussions and the complexities I presented I told him that I would leave him to decide what he thought would be the best outcome for me.  I put my whole faith and trust in him.  It was well placed.    Jonathan’s talent and skill shone through.

During my hospital stay I was so well looked after by nursing staff.  Their attentiveness was faultless and set me on a good road to recovery.   Jonathan checked in on me several times during my stay ensuring that I was comfortable and reassured.  Before I was discharged, he gave me his telephone number just in case I had any questions or issues during my home recovery.  I never needed to use it as Jonathan had explained everything so well.  My pain management medication was spot on.   The aftercare was amazing.  The hospital made a point of telling me not to hesitate to get in touch if I had any issues, they would see me straight away if I needed.   

I am overjoyed with the results of my surgery.  I now have a pair of the most beautiful symmetrical boobs imaginable.  I can’t stop admiring them and now love the reflection of my silhouette.  Before surgery my Bra  was an F cup, I am now a very pretty C cup.  They are perfect.  As my recovery progresses, the scars grow less noticeable – soon they will have faded completely. 

This surgery has indeed been the most positive life changing experience of my life.  My confidence and body self-esteem grows daily.   And I unreservedly attribute this to the outstanding talent of Jonathan Adamthwaite.             IE.

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