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Breast Lift, Breast Uplift or Mastopexy

Young woman who has had breast uplift surgery, also known as mastopexy or breast lift.


Guide price

Breast lift surgery with Mr Adamthwaite starts from £3,900. Further details below.


Length of Surgery
1 - 2 hours

General Anaesthetic

Length of Hospital Stay
Home the same day or one night stay as per patient preference

Time off work
1 - 2 weeks

Full recovery time/resume sports
6 weeks

Best results
3 to 6 months

A breast lift, also known as a boob lift , breast uplift or mastopexy, restores the breasts to a more youthful appearance by lifting the nipple and reshaping the breast.


Many women find that their breasts look empty after pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or with the ageing process. A breast lift procedure does not change the size of the breasts especially but instead reshapes them by removing skin and refashioning the breast tissue. However, breast implants can be used in conjunction with a breast lift to achieve the desired result. If you’re considering breast uplift surgery you can find out all you need to know about the procedure on this page.

What is breast lift surgery?

A breast uplift (mastopexy) is a cosmetic procedure to remove excess skin and reshape your breasts. There are similarities with breast reduction surgery, however, in a breast lift little or no breast tissue is removed. Therefore your breasts will be a similar size.  The breast is reshaped and the nipple lifted giving a more youthful and perter appearance. A breast implant may also be used at the same procedure to add volume to the breast, especially at the cleavage area or top of the breast to create your desired look.

What are the benefits of breast uplift surgery?

Firmer and higher breasts that look more voluminous; restore a more youthful nipple position; improved and more attractive appearance in a wider range of clothing including swimsuits and strappy and fitted tops; more able to wear clothing without the need for a bra to support the breast; looking good with pert breasts often makes a woman feel better about herself and more feminine and may increase self-confidence; may improve symmetry of the breasts; and, can help relieve contact of the breast skin on the chest and tummy resolving rashes (also known as intertrigo) and irritation.

Am I suitable for a breast lift?

Breasts that are sagging and no longer a youthful shape affect a woman’s self-esteem and make her feel self-conscious both in and out of clothes. If your breasts are having a negative impact on your physical appearance and/or your self-confidence, then a boob lift may be appropriate for you. Good indications for breast uplift surgery include:

  • Nipples tending to point downwards

  • Sagging and pendulous breasts

  • Flatter and empty looking breasts

  • You’ve achieved substantial weight loss and your breasts are deflated with loose skin

If you’re planning more children in the future or further significant weight loss, then it may be best to postpone breast uplift surgery and Mr Adamthwaite will advise you on this. 

What is involved in a breast uplift procedure?

Breast uplift surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic and usually takes about an hour and a half.

Mr Adamthwaite will make a cut on the line of the areola (the dark area around the nipple) and a vertical cut underneath your areola. He will remove excess skin and reshape the breast tissue.  Your nipple is lifted so it is in a higher position.

You may have decided to have a breast reduction or breast augmentation whilst having a breast lift to achieve the look you desire. Your procedure may then take up to two hours if you have a combine procedure such as this. Your areola, the area around the nipple, can be reduced in size to suit your new breast size. As with any surgery, there are inherent risks which Mr Adamthwaite will go through in detail with you in clinic. Be reassured this is a very safe and reliable procedure  with very low complication rates when performed by an expert. 

How soon will I recover from my breast uplift surgery?

Your breasts will feel a little swollen immediately after breast uplift surgery. They will then gradually soften and become more natural. You should be able to go home the same day. Most women return to normal activities within two to three weeks. You should be able to return to work after either the first or second week, depending on your type of job and, also do a limited amount of activity, such as lifting young children.

Breast uplift before and after photos

It’s important to have realistic expectations regarding your breast uplift surgery. Before and after photos of similar patients to yourself who have had a breast lift help give you a good idea of the results that can be achieved by this type of surgery. Mr Adamthwaite will go through this process with you in clinic. 

Through breast lift surgery Mr Adamthwaite is able to lift, transform and reshape sagging breasts to give a more pert and youthful breast appearance. Following assessment in clinic, he will tailor his technique to help you achieve your specific goals. 

How much is a breast lift?

As a guide, breast lift surgery with Mr Adamthwaite starts from £3,900 though this will depend upon your individual requirements.  This is an all-inclusive package:


All fees (hospital, surgeon, anaesthetist) 

All aftercare

All follow up appointments (Mr Adamthwaite's follow up appointments are all free of charge and there is no time limit placed on this)

You will be fully informed of the total costs following assessment in clinic by Mr Adamthwaite. 

Breast lift surgery is not normally covered by private health insurance. 

Will there be visible scarring after the breast lift?

The vast majority of women heal extremely well with excellent scars following breast lift surgery. Mr Adamthwaite uses the latest techniques to ensure scarring is kept to a minimum. He will advise you in detail on what to expect following your surgery. Initially scars are red but slowly fade over time.

Is it possible to breastfeed after a breast uplift?

It is possible to breast feed after a breast lift however this is the exception rather than the rule. You should assume that you will not be able to breast feed no matter how long after the surgery you have children. The ability to produce breast milk depends on the remaining part of the breast gland being connected to the nipple by the breast ducts. The nipple is moved, therefore these ducts are usually cut. It is therefore best to wait until you have completed your family before considering a mastopexy. In addition, if you do become pregnant after a breast uplift, the breasts will enlarge and stretch the skin and ligaments again leading to a more drooped look. This will mean that the mastopexy will not last as long a usual and is another reason to delay surgery until you have completed your family.

When will nipple feeling and sensation return? 

After your breast lift procedure your nipples may feel sensitive or alternatively numb. As the post-operative swelling settles in most women there is a return of sensation. All women are different however and sometimes full sensation does not return completely. 

When will I see the full results of my breast uplift?

A significant improvement will be immediately visible after your breast uplift surgery. There is some swelling following the procedure which mainly resolves over the first six weeks and is completely gone by three months. You will be able to see your final result at approximately six months. 

Will my breasts droop again after breast uplift surgery?

The nipple is repositioned higher and in a more youthful position and this is permanent. However, the shape of the breast, in particular the top of the breast (also known as the upper pole and 'take off' of the breast ) and the bottom of the breast (also known as the lower pole) change over time. The lower drooped portion of the breast below the nipple remains lifted for much longer than the upper pole.


The degree to which the breasts droop again and the rate at which this happens varies considerably between patients. In general, uplift surgery usually maintains a good shape for several years, but slow changes do take place because of the effects of gravity and the aging process and eventually the breasts will tend to droop (ptose). Some patients experience more damage to the supporting ligaments of the breast from stretching in pregnancy or by weight gain and have less inherent support and therefore may droop more. Mr Adamthwaite will advise you of your individual tendencies after a detailed assessment in clinic.

What type of bra do I wear when recovering?

For the first three weeks you will wear a post-surgical bra or sports bra day and night. For the following three weeks this can be worn just at night. 

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